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Walk-Around Magic

(Ideal for Social Events)

"Entertainment that Creates Conversation"


 "Your Guests Will be Talking about Your Event!"

Professional Close-up Magician
Corey Hedgers

Corporate Events & Employee Parties

Banquets & Award Events

Conferences & Trade Shows

Wedding Receptions

Graduation Parties


Restaurant Magic

Private Events/Parties

Strolling  or "walk-around" style magic supports socialization among your guests and gives them the opportunity to build connections. They will share impossible moments together. During Strolling performances, Corey is able to adapt to your social event without disrupting the natural dynamic flow.

Close-up Performances

Experience Magic in your hands. Strolling Magic delivers the most impactful and organic entertainment experience.

Professional precision
Quality Entertainment

Corey's respectful approach combined with refined sleight-of-hand will give your guest the quality entertainment they deserve.

Personal Entertainment

Close-up Magic is the most impactful and memorable form of entertainment. Give your guests an experience that they will talk about.

Entertainment that Supports

Entertainment that Supports Socialization! Allow your guests to connect through shared experiences. Unlike other entertainment, strolling magic CREATES CONVERSATION at your event.

strolling Entertainment

Strolling performances are flexible and can adapt to the needs of your social event without disrupting the dynamic flow. Corey's conversation style will blend seamlessly with your social event.

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Entertainment with Impact!

 The most impactful way to experience magic is in a close-up and personal settings. Through his conversational performance style, each group will experience their own personalized and unique magic show. The close proximity of my illusions often results in memorable experiences that guests will have guest talking about your event.

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Make Your Social Event Fun and Memorable with Engaging Entertainment

Strolling Entertainment Specialist

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