"Entertainment that Creates Conversation!"

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Professional Close-up Magician

Corey Hedgers

"Guests Will be Talking about Your Event!"

Ideal for Adult and Family Social Events

      • Corporate Events & Employee Parties
      • Banquets & Award Events
      • Conferences & Trade Shows
      • Wedding Receptions
      • Graduation Parties
      • Fairs/Festivals
      • Restaurant Magic
      • Private Events/Parties

Disguised in conversation, Corey’s magic is not just for kids; his playful performances are also designed for the inquisitive mind. Reliably unexpected moments leave spectators in a state of wonder and are often found questioning their own perceptions. Instead of deceptive props, Corey uses everyday objects to make the seemingly impossible.

Restaurant Magic
Restaurant Magic

For over 15 years, Corey has performed close-up table magic for restaurant guests. Primarily at Texas Roadhouse, Coon Rapids (2007-2022), but occasionally at other establishments in the Twin Cities area. If you would like to learn more about Corey's table magic. Contact directly.

Strolling Magic
Strolling Performances

Specializing in strolling (or "walk around") performances, Corey will engage small groups throughout your event. Corey delivers personalized and impactful performances that your guests will remember!

Close-up Performances

Experience Magic in your hands. Strolling Magic delivers the most impactful and organic entertainment experience.

Professional precision
Quality Entertainment

Corey's respectful approach combined with refined sleight-of-hand will give your guest the quality entertainment they deserve.

Personal Entertainment

Close-up Magic is the most impactful and memorable form of entertainment. Give your guests an experience that they will talk about.

Entertainment that Supports

Entertainment that Supports Socialization! Allow your guests to connect through shared experiences. Unlike other entertainment, strolling magic CREATES CONVERSATION at your event.

strolling Entertainment

Strolling performances are flexible and can adapt to the needs of your social event without disrupting the dynamic flow. Corey's conversation style will blend seamlessly with your social event.

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